To be able to do what we do is a gift – RDC058

Podcast guest RobertMy guest on the podcast this week is Robert.

Robert talks about his involvement with Ainsley’s Angels – supporting inclusive triathlon.

He also explains why marathon swimming made him a better person.

It is an uplifting, inspirational and lively episode full of interesting ideas about what wild swimming does for the body and soul.

Things we talk about that you might want to know more about

Total Immersion, Adam (ocean) Walker

1 thought on “To be able to do what we do is a gift – RDC058”

  1. I have never personally met Robert Cass yet but have spent many times conversing through Facebook and our shared love for Ainsley’s Angels of America. I am a rider through the Tulsa chapter in Oklahoma and know the benefits of the amazing friends I have gained in this community of runners and triathletes after joining myself 2 1/2 years ago. I am 37 years old, have cerebral palsy and in an electric wheelchair. As well as the many full and half marathons, 5 and 10 k’s I have done…I have also completed (2 )100 miler ultra runs and (2) triathlons…training now for Ironman. None of that would have been possible without men and women like this man who let us borrow their legs and feel the wind in our faces. He is an outstanding individual and look forward to the day we meet. Great interview and look forward to hearing more!

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