The kingfisher made us do it

Podcast guests Katie, Justine and Erica stand next to their wild swim spotWelcome to the last episode of 2020.

This is a small treat for any of you missing your swim buddies. It’s a group episode.

Katy, Justine and Erica join me to talk about starting wild swimming in 2020 and what a gift it has been in a year of so many losses, both big and small.

I hope it conjures the illusion of being surrounded by your swimming friends, laughing and joking after a swim, high on adrenaline.

However your year is ending, I hope this at least brings a smile and a small ray of hope that even in a tough year, there are new things waiting for us that will bring us joy.

Have a peaceful night, and all the love in the world for 2021

Karen xxx

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