The Final EVER episode – when you feel that crunch of the water

It is with a tiny bit of sadness that today I wish my podcast a fond farewell. Three years and 80 episodes is something I am totally proud of. When I started, there wasn’t another wild swimming podcast that I could find, so i decided to fill the gap. Today there are many many to choose from and I hope you will switch your allegiances across to them and give them your support.

I have to say the biggest thank you to every single person who has spoken to me. It isn’t an easy thing to do and many of us don’t really believe we have anything interesting to say. And yet, each episode have revealed a slightly different aspect of swimming outdoors and has said something about the range of characters that enjoy it.

Thank you so much also to Megan of Flotsam Prints for designing my updated logo, to Beccy Owen Music for my gorgeous intro and outro pieces and to the many people who have listened.

For the record, just a few statistics!

  • We have had 59,078 downloads, with Alice Goodridge’s episode topping out at 1420 downloads
  • We have listeners in 93 countries, including Egypt, Costa Rica and Singapore
  • Most listeners are in the UK, USA, Ireland and Australia
  • Most people listen on their Apple device

Podcast guest Filipa swimming underwaterSo, as a worthy final episode, my guest this week truly epitomises bravery.

If you are like me, you will be used to hearing “ooh, you’re brave” from non-outdoor swimmers when you tell them what you do. And to a point, they are right. You are brave.

But this week’s guest, Filipa Vance, takes brave to a whole new level.

On July 11th 2021, at 11am, she and 6 other women will take part in the Henley Swim as part of the This Girl Can team. All 7 team members use outdoor swimming as a way to heal. The pain may be physical or mental and the scars may be on the outside or the inside, but all 7 women are fighting back from adversity and leading the way.

I will leave Filipa to tell her own story on the podcast and won’t spill any beans here, but trust me you will be inspired, amazed, in awe and probably quite emotional by hearing her story. You will definitely be uplifted by her spirit.

She is one of the most beautiful humans I have spoken to and it was my privilege  to interview her for my last ever episode.

Thanks Filipa, and good luck at Henley on Sunday xxx


Thanks to Nancy Farmer and David Perks for some of the photos used

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