The Chatter Challenge

Podcast guest Jacqui sitting in Dry Robe and wooly hat, cradling new puppy
This week's podcast guest is Jacqui.


Based up in the North East, not far from me, Jacqui only took up wild swimming in 2020, but loved it so much, and was so determined to swim trough winter, she set up The Chatter Challenge to help swimmers, new and old, to stay motivated and keep going.


Podcast guest Jacqui in the sea in wetsui, neoprene gloves and orange swim hat, waving and smiling

The Chatter Challenge looks likely to become a regular feature amongst existing winter swimming challenges.



A labrador puppy, sat wrapped in a Dry RobeJacqui brings new energy and enthusiasm, an inclusive approach and she has a puppy who looks great in her Chatter Challenge branded Dry Robe!

I hope you enjoy listening to her.

Things we mention you might want to know more about

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2 thoughts on “The Chatter Challenge”

  1. Well done my Jacqui. I don’t tell you this often but I am extremely proud of your wild mad swimming . What I have noticed about you since starting this is how much happier you are.

    Mum xx

  2. well done Jacqui, i have seen many of your dips on facebook and just shutter at the thought of going into the very cold water.
    i am extremly proud of yourcommitment to this new venture. once again WELL DONE.
    Aunty Catherine xxx

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