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Welcome to the Swim Wild podcast - the podcast for the wild swimming community. Interviewing members of our tribe about iconic swims, personal challenges, the friends they have made, the impact on their health and well being and finding a deeper connection with the natural world. Testing out the theory that, whenever and wherever we swim outside, we "emerge from the water better versions of ourselves".

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Recent episodes

You can find the back catalogue of episodes wherever you download your podcasts from, but here are the most recent..

Podcast guest Kelly in swimsuit with robe over the top, walking arms open towards the camera, on the beach

Episode 78

Kelly Gustafson

Swimming in Puget Sound, Seattle

Kelly talks about swimming in Seattle, how the water never gets 'warm' and why there is a jellyfish issue year round.

Front cover of book called Watermarks by Lenka Janiurek

Episode 77

Lenka Janiurek


Lenka talks to me about her book 'Watermarks; life, death and swimming' available in paperback from 18th March 2021

Wall photo

Episode 76

Justine Desmond

Photographer of 'The Swimmers'

Justine talks about the process of creating a collaborative portrait photography project with a group of winter sea swimmers in Hove in the UK.

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