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Welcome to the Swim Wild podcast - the podcast for the wild swimming community. Interviewing members of our tribe about iconic swims, personal challenges, the friends they have made, the impact on their health and well being and finding a deeper connection with the natural world. Testing out the theory that, whenever and wherever we swim outside, we "emerge from the water better versions of ourselves".

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Recent episodes

You can find the back catalogue of episodes wherever you download your podcasts from, but here are the most recent..

Podcast guest Niamh Murphy

Episode 66

Niamh Murphy

Being in the water makes sense to me

Niamh shares her thoughts about why being in the water is the most natural place in the world to her.

Podcast guest Alice smashes her way through the ice with a sledgehammer in a bid to swim in a frozen loch

Episode 65

Alice Goodridge

Swim Wild UK

Alice talks about channel swimming, ice swimming, setting up wild swimming groups, running winter swimming events, designing wild swim inspired clothing, and much more.

Podcast guest Claudia open water swimming

Episode 67

Claudia Thompson

Mental Health Swim Host

Introducing new people to the benefits of wild swimming, and talking about the positive effect swimming outdoors has had on her kids.

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