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Welcome to the Swim Wild podcast - the podcast for the wild swimming community. Interviewing members of your tribe about iconic swims, personal challenges, the friends they have made, the impact on their health and well being and finding a deeper connection with the natural world. Testing out the theory that, whenever and wherever we swim outside, we "emerge from the water better versions of ourselves".

Who we talk to

Each week we interview a member of the wild swimming family. Whether they swim neoprene or skins, are fair weather dippers or ice milers, whether they prefer lake, river or sea, each interview brings to life the reasons they love this sport and how it has changed their life.

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Recent episodes and new swim spots

Check out our latest episode below, and find out the new places we have found to swim.

swimming underwater

Episode 45

Best bits of 2019

Number 3

Highlights from more of my favourite episodes this year

the 7 guests featured in the compilation podcast

Episode 44

Best bits of 2019

Number 2

Seven more of my lovely guests - with me sharing my favourite bits of my interviews with them

Janne podcast guest in the lake

Episode 46

Janne Prestårhus

Telemark, Norway

Hear about how wild swimming can be good for your courage, your mental health and recovering from a long run. The reward can be new strength and new energy.

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