Richelle Flanagan – world Parkinson’s congress ambassador #WPC4YOPD

Podcast guest Richelle dressed in Nug changing robe and bobble hat smiles at the cameraThis is the penultimate episode of the Swim Wild Podcast and I’m delighted that my guest could be Richelle Flanagan, talking about her Dopamine Dunkers challenge running throughout May 2021.

Richelle has been diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and since her diagnosis has been to the Parkinson’s World Congress and become an ambassador, raising awareness of the condition and connecting with other people around the world.

Podcast guest Richelle jumping into the sea with caption Dopamine Dunk #WPC4YOPDThe pandemic has been hard for everyone in so many ways, not least financially difficult. But if you are lucky to have not lost your income, and if you have a few Euros to spare, I would really appreciate it if you would go to Richelle’s Go Fund Me page and bung her a few quid once you have listened to her episode.

Richelle wasn’t a wild swimmer and committed to swimming every day in May to raise money to enable others diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s to attend the next World Congress in Barcelona in 2022.

Podcast guest Richelle on the cliffs with the sea behind her wearing Nug changing robe with hood upYou will hear in the episode what an adventure and revelation this challenge has become. You can find out more by searching for #WPC4YOPD

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  1. Wild swimming is special. Anyone who experiences it knows what it is all about. Well done on your series , a great project to do.

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