Recognising lack of diversity is one thing, but taking action is another

Podcast guest Omie swimming outdoorsThis week’s guest is Omie Dale.

Omie is a young woman who is very busy.

She is part of the team at the Black Swimming Association, she is about to become co-host of a local Mental Health Swim, she is a qualified swim coach and lifeguard, and is about to undertake her Outdoor Swim Coach certificate.

She’s also passionate about outdoor swimming.

Podcast guest Omie in an underwater shot Omie shares her experiences of growing up in a household where swimming was a valued skill and was non-negotiable in terms of herself and her brothers learning to swim.

But she also shares her experiences as a swim coach hearing colleagues share the false assumption that Black people cannot swim.

Omie advocates for improving how swim coaches are trained, to make sure they understand intersectionality better so that they can provide inclusive swim teaching for all.

Podcast guest Omie in a wetsuit ready to swim outdoorsShe is a passionate, engaged and proactive member of the wild swim community and it was a pleasure to chat to her.

Things we talk about that you might want to know more about

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