Playing with a reader’s idea of what a book about swimming might be

Front cover of paperback edition of Watermarks book by podcast guest Lenka Janiurek
The guest this week on Swim Wild podcast is Lenka Janiurek, author of fabulous new book 'Watermarks; life, death and swimming.'


If you are the kind of wild swimmer who likes to immerse in all sorts of culture connected with swimming, this is a book to add to your 'to read' pile.


Landscape photo of a beach in Pembrokeshire where Lenka swimsIt sits alongside books such as The Outrun, I Am An Island and Wintering, as an exploration of being alongside and immersed in water as an essential mechanism for making sense of, coping with and thriving in life.


Flotsam tree trunk in the shallows of a Pembrokeshire beachThis episode is dedicated to the memory of all women/womxn who have suffered at the hands of male violence, and to the wild swimming women who regularly keep me afloat.

RIP Sarah Everard

With huge thanks to Lenka for speaking with me so openly, and to publishers Allison and Busby for sharing a copy of the paperback edition with me ahead of publication.

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