People get out of the water with a massive smile on their face

Welcome to the latest episode of Swim Wild podcast.

Podcast guest Claudia swims in a wild pool surrounded by hillsThis week I’m speaking to Claudia who is a host of her local Mental Health Swim.

During Covid lockdown, it seems as though more people are becoming aware of their own and others’ mental health, even more so than before. Wild swimming, if that is still possible where you live based on the rules, can be a real tonic.

Something to boost your mood, to get you outdoors, more connected to nature, more connected to others, and really in the moment as that first nip of cold water bites.

Podcast guest Claudia swims outdoors with her daughterClaudia’s kids have also dipped a toe in, and she speaks so beautifully about the positive impact it is having on them, being able to challenge themselves as they get ever braver in open water.

If you are still able to swim outdoors during lockdown, enjoy and make the most of it. Stay safe as the water temperatures drop (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere! Things are just warming up if you are in the South).

Things we talk about that you might want to know more about

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