Our swimming stories – PH010

This week’s guest is an ex-pat living in Australia having met his wife on a Swim Trek holiday. He is full of swim stories, and one memory leads on to another.
Places around the world where he has worked, have become places for swim adventures – through the centre of Basel for example and in an outdoor heated pool in Munich in mid winter.
It made me think of finding unexpected opportunities to swim and taking them. Also about heading off on a holiday or a short break with the sole purpose of finding new places to swim. Sometimes life is about seeing where we end up, through work, studies or relationships, and finding whatever water is closest and making that our swim spot.
This week I’ve been thinking about the choices we make in life and what we base them on. After being in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago I’m missing living close enough to a lake to swim in every week – missing the connection to a single body of water through the changing seasons. For some reason I’m not getting this from the sea.
I’ve been thinking about not just seeing where I end up, but making a deliberate move to be near the water I most want to swim in. Where would life take me if my next big decision was based on this?
Having guests from all around the world is expanding my swimming horizons. It’s exciting to think about where it might take me.
Things we talk about
Adelaide Masters, Kangaroo Island, Henley to Grange jetty to jetty swim, Gulf of St Vincent, Guildford lido, Tooting Bec lido, One Tel Hebridean Challenge, Round Scilly swim, Jubilee river swim, Thames marathon, Seven Sisters, Rottnest swim, Horseshoe Bay, Ocean 7, 3 River safari, Lake Garda, Duncan Goodhew, John Fox, 2024 Paris Paralympics, Basel, Munich – pools including Mullerish Volksbad, the Olypisch Schwimmhalle and Dantebad and lakes, winter swimming events, UK cold water championships,
Pete also shared two of his Blogs and his You Tube channel

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