One of the nicest people in wild swimming

Podcast guest Ella laughing in the sea as a wave engulfs herWelcome to Swim Wild podcast. This week my guest is Ella Foote.

In the UK, and beyond, Ella is well known in the wild swimming community, for her work as a freelance journalist, including with Outdoor Swimmer Magazine and with her company Dip Advisor.

Dip Advisor logo the head and shoulders of a swimmer in the water with a blue half moon behindShe is one of the nicest people in wild swimming and it was my pleasure to finally speak to her for the podcast.

There is a lot in what we talk about, and you might want to find more information about lots of it, so here are some useful links to get you started

Podcast guest Ella Foote upside down as wild water flows around her

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1 thought on “One of the nicest people in wild swimming”

  1. Interesting podcast and some really great advice Ella as winter swimming explodes in popularity, safety is paramount x

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