Notions of the Channel – DN037

This week’s podcast guest is Dee, and she swam the English Channel on 4th August 2019.

Of everyone I have heard speak about their Channel swim, Dee is by far the most positive and optimistic.

She had a great swim. Loved it. Smashed the time goal she set for herself. Got out and did a yoga pose on the beach in tribute to a yoga-teaching friend who had been so supportive.

It is an almost unbelievably positive story.

But wrapped up in Dee’s Channel swimming story is a sense of fate – this was always going to happen. Because no matter what obstacles she came up against in preparation for the swim, a solution always appeared.

Friends stepped in. Mentors appeared. Lucky breaks happened.

Which when you’ve worked really hard to do something so huge, is exactly what you need, I imagine.

This is a very practical, positive description of a Channel swim, with lots of advice for anyone thinking of attempting the swim.Dee during and after her English Channel swim   


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Swim Trek, Cliff Golding, Emma France, Neil Streeter, Swim Quest, Anna-Carin Nordin, Ice Swimming Committee of Ireland, Abersoch, Dublin, Galway

1 thought on “Notions of the Channel – DN037”

  1. What a lovely positive account of a very special day. A very brave and inspiring person. Well done Dee. I was an honour to be a bit of a help. Again really well done.

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