Make mad things seem normal – CR039

This week’s guest has done 6 ice miles so far and is planning another 4 this winter. She might as well, she says. Get to a nice round figure while she works out where this might be taking her.

My conversation with her got me thinking about the ideas that we connect with. We can’t always articulate what it is about them that appeals to us. Why something within them innately resonates and makes sense to us.

But what brings us joy, also brings us into new communities, where we find people, like us, who also find joy in the thing that grabbed us.

They have been grabbed too, and likely can’t quite explain why either.

Claire is a rare breed of ice miler. She does heads up breast stroke. This makes her slower than those doing front crawl, and so is in the water longer. Many of her ice miles are classified as extreme ice miles due to the time it took to complete them.

Podcast guest Claire has done 6 ice milesAnd yet, front crawlers still sometimes ask when she is going to learn to swim properly! She is absolutely immense. And really interesting.

Things we talk about

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