Life is not over after you have had trauma

Podcast guest Gill, in a bikini on the beach with stoma bag visibleWelcome to the latest edition of Swim Wild podcast.

This week’s guest is Gill, known on social media as Stoma Chameleon.

The episode itself is a complete shot of pure joy. If your levels are getting low, this will definitely top them up.

Which some people might find surprising, because Gill is talking about her experience of birth trauma that led to her having a permanent stoma. You could be forgiven for thinking that this might be quite a tough, but worthwhile listen.

Podcast guest Gill underwater with thumbs upIt definitely is worthwhile, but it is not tough at all. It is about 45 minutes of pure joy and enthusiasm for life that you will find infectious.

30,000 women every year are affected by birth trauma. Gill’s message is that life is not over after trauma – on the contrary, life can go on and in unexpected and exciting ways.

Podcast guest Gill swimming in open water and laughingBefore I share the links to all the organisations Gill mentions during our chat, I do have a shout out to anyone who can put Gill in touch with the other channel swimmer who also has a stoma. If you know who this is, please message Gill via any one of her social media routes and put them in touch. All links are below.

And finally, if you can donate to her Channel swim fundraising, Ostomy Mermums, please do – here

Podcast guest Gill sitting in a bath of water in the garden in bikini and swim hatThings you might want to know more about

Birth Trauma Association, Jacob’s Well Appeal, Colostomy UK

Gill’s bikini challenge fundraiser

Gill’s website¬†

1 thought on “Life is not over after you have had trauma”

  1. Hi Gill, new to Podcasts and this was only the 2nd one I have ever heared. Thankyou for your honesty in this interview, it was completely inspiring and enlightening to hear how you have become so amazingly well after being so poorly. This must have taken a lot of true grit and determination and you need to be so proud of yourself. Keep going, you will achieve your goals, one life and living it to the full. I love that. . Well done. X

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