a horizontal red chilli with brown smoke rising off it

the intuitive chilli

What does it mean to live more intuitively?

I started to ask what it might mean to feel more connected.

To my own inner wisdom and intuition.

To the changing seasons and the different energy they bring.

Could I align myself better to this and would it help in coping with having M.E.?

During the first coronavirus lockdown of 2020 I committed to learning the tarot, having had a deck, carefully wrapped in black silk, buried in a drawer and feeling inaccessible.

Once I started my daily practice I quickly realised that part of the inaccessibility was that I had the wrong deck. I needed something far more feminist and intersectional and I was thrilled to find the Modern Witch tarot drawn by Lisa Sterle.

My practice suddenly made sense and a different way of knowing tentatively opened up. Then something strange happened.

5 cards from the Lisa Sterle Modern Witch tarot deck in a horizontal row
A horizontal red chilli with the pointy end evaporating into red smoke which rises

There is no such thing as coincidence, I read in Jini Reddy's fabulous book Wanderland.

That same night deep in a Google rabbit hole I found the exact book I needed about Wheel of the Year celebrations. It was by the same person that I had earlier encountered in Jini's book.

Since then, the next book I have needed in my journey of discovery has been put in my path at just the right time.

I was skeptical at first. Now I just accept it gratefully.

I'm now following some sort of emerging map to the future. Find out what happens next in the posts below