I’m definitely a selkie at heart – JH035

North East Skinny Dip 2019This week's podcast guest, Jax, is a very experienced sea swimmer. She doesn't describe herself as a distance swimmer, although she lets slip "I did swim 10 miles once"!

But having that experience means that she can be an explorer. Which may involve a long swim. She just doesn't especially measure it. Instead, she takes a trip. Rounding headlands, just going that bit further to see what lies beyond.

She describes being in the sea as being at home. She delights in the immersion, which is often what her body needs.

Dippers entering the water

This self awareness of what she needs characterises Jax. She is very honest, open and in tune.

Lots of things we talk about are about accepting and letting go. Not just in swimming, but in life. Everything is about everything. "No pushing, No holding back" is the invitation she gives to anyone thinking about doing the North East Skinny Dip 2019. Make a pledge. Go along. Honour that pledge to yourself.

I signed up the day after I spoke to her.

Sunrise on the skinny dip

Things we talked about

Whitburn to South Shields, Seaburn to Roker, North East Skinny Dip, Druridge Bay, Rhossili Bay skinny dip 2011, Sarah's episode about Orkney, Robson Green doing the skinny dip, Reverend Kate Bottley, Big Blue Swim

2 thoughts on “I’m definitely a selkie at heart – JH035”

  1. For me the dip is a fun invigorating experience that I have taken part in for the last 6 years. After helping with the Robson Green dip I have helped out to some degree meeting many people from every walk of life. Have spoken to a lot of “non dipping ” moral suporting friends and partners who when the time comes take part and say how much fun they had and would be back again.
    Foget pre conceptions and join us you wont regret it.

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