I love the outdoor community – HBL056

Podcast guest HelenThis week’s guest is Helen and as we approach week… 7? 8? of lock down in the UK, it could not have come at a better time.

Helen is a powerhouse of joy and fun.

She shares all that positive energy in this interview, and like swimming outdoors, I felt better afterwards than I did at the start.

What a gift.

Despite having a broken ankle, Helen greeted me on our Skype call in full swimming gear – costume, hat, goggles and tow float, plus Polar Bear buff and medal.

When we can’t easily access the things that ordinarily keep us afloat, connecting with like minded people, doing silly challenges and committing to making the effort go a long way to helping us to survive, if not thrive.

Thank you Helen for sharing your positive energy so generously.

Things we mention you might want to look up

Polar bear challenge, Cromhall quarry, Clevedon marine lake, South West Seals, Tooting Bec lido, Portishead popsicle, Winter swimming champs in lake Bled.

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