I just have to swim to my next chocolate mini roll – AG065

Podcast guest Alice smashes her way through the ice with a sledgehammer in a bid to swim in a frozen lochThis week’s podcast guest is Alice Goodridge, founder of Swim Wild UK and the Scottish Winter Swimming Championships, ice miler, channel swimmer, artist, illustrator and now with a wild swim inspired clothing range.

Alice swims in a loch at sunset

She is an intensely interesting guest, with so many strings to her bow, all fuelled by her passion for wild swimming.

Her company Swim Wild, like everything else, had to close during lockdown, but here is an update on what is now possible as lockdown in Scotland eases.

Alice slides down a small waterfall“SwimWild is back! It may not have been the start to the summer that I had planned but I have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we can get back up and running for the latter part of the season, albeit in a reduced capacity. We have drawn up appropriate risk assessments which closely follow Scottish Government guidelines to ensure we are being safe, sensible and honest with ourselves and our swimmers.

Alice swims in a misty lochSwimWild has achieved Visit Scotland’s “Good to Go Badge”, meaning we are prepared as best as possible to start 1-to-1 coaching and private guided adventures from mid-July and small group coaching/adventures again from the start of August.

Alice swimming in a frozen loch in a small channel she made by breaking the ice with a sledgehammerAvailability is a bit limited over the summer as I reschedule courses from the Spring and can only operate with limited group sizes, but I will do my best to accommodate everyone. Please do get in touch if you are interested in open water coaching at Loch Morlich, or would like to join me for a guided swim adventure in the Cairngorms National Park.”

Go to swimwilduk.com for more

Photos by Euan Cherry

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