I gravitate to the people who have been swimming their whole lives

This week’s podcast guest is Kelly from Seattle. Find out more about swimming in Puget Sound, where it doesn’t usually get warmer than 11 degrees C, and yet they still have a jellyfish issue!

Podcast guest Kelly at the beach Podcast guest Kelly standing knee deep in a blue watery landscape

Podcast guest Kelly in swimsuit with robe over the top, walking arms open towards the camera, on the beach

2 thoughts on “I gravitate to the people who have been swimming their whole lives”

  1. I loved this episode so much, as a newcomer to wild swimming, I’ve felt put off that I can’t keep up with other more experienced swimmers and so didn’t really go much last year.

    Hearing others’ experiences has taught me that I should just swim for me and treat it is another experience in nature like I do with walking. I can’t wait to get back out there now! Thank you 😊

    1. Thanks for the comment. Hope you are back out there enjoying the water.
      We were all new once. And the most important thing is to swim your own swim, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, and enjoy it x

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