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This week’s guest is the lovely Sarah from Orkney, and she shared so many things and triggered so many reflections in my self that it is hard to know what to focus this week’s blog on.
But when I take a step back, and reflect on everything she talked about, the overwhelming theme for me is the season of rich personal growth that she finds herself in.
The inspiration may have come from creating a list of 49 things to do while she was still 49, but the real catalyst has been wild swimming.
In a matter of months, the act of swimming in wild cold water has enabled her to confront negative body issues and to realise that she has an amazing body that can do amazing things. She is so much happier and positively glowing with confidence. All this transformation is coming from within and other people can see it.
She is connecting with people all over the world through social media, sharing a passion for wild swimming.
She is more connected with nature and spending more time than ever before outside, making intentional journeys to new swim spots, so that getting there becomes part of the joy of the experience.
One observation, that other people in my wild swimming circle have similarly reflected on this week, is the sense of regret at not having arrived at this place sooner. Having so many wild swimming opportunities right on the doorstep, and yet resisting it for years. But as Sarah’s friend wisely observed – it wasn’t her time. Now is her time, and she is taking every opportunity to live it.
Another key I feel to Sarah’s journey is letting go of resistance. This time the advice was gifted by Amy Liptrot, who simply suggested she embrace the wild Orkney weather instead of resisting it. Suddenly in this simple transformation she was working in harmony with the elements rather than fighting futilely against them. You can virtually feel the release of that, and how much more fluidly her life flows as a result.
And the best thing about feeling so much less inhibited – you don’t worry about driving home commando!
Things we talk about
Orkney Polar Bears, Lindsey Cole, Polar Bear challenge

How to find Sarah:
Her blog
Instagram: mainly @seasaltandsarah but also a bit on @sarahknorquoy
Norq from Ork is her Facebook page

2 thoughts on “I can do hard things! – SN025”

  1. Karen, I just loved the part about 10 minutes in when you and Sarah talk about the joy of outdoor swimming, what we’re capable of, and the transformation many of us have gone through as a result of wild swimming. You’re spot on – to gain confidence and self esteem from something we enjoy is amazing! I love that we’re all looking at ourselves in a different way because of this sport. 🙂

    1. Liz thanks for the comment, it is brilliant isn’t it. I love the interviews when we talk about how beneficial wild swimming is for us. And ‘transformation’ is a great way to describe what can happen when we realise how capable we are, and we find that out by testing ourselves against cold water. It is epic.

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