Getting in the cold water makes me laugh out loud

Podcast guest Emma in silhouette standing in the sea, arms outstretchedWelcome to another episode of Swim Wild podcast and this week I’m thrilled to have Emma Duff as my guest.

Emma is ordained as a parish priest in the Church of England and our conversation focused quite a lot on the connection for Emma between wild swimming and Christian spirituality.


View of King Edward's Bay, TynemouthWhether you have any type of faith or none, I hope you will find the conversation as fascinating as I did.

Emma is an honest, thoughtful and generous guest and it was a pleasure to speak to her and to stumble my way through the complexities of trying to put into words those profound feelings we can often feel when we immerse ourselves in wild water.

Podcast guest Emma shoulder deep in the sea bathed in dappled sunshineI hope you find something of your own connection to the profound in this episode.

Things we talk about you might want to know more about

Tynemouth beaches – King Edward’s Bay (Eddies) and Longsands, Spanish City, Whitley Bay, fulmars

1 thought on “Getting in the cold water makes me laugh out loud”

  1. Love Emma shes so brave and a lovely Godly person shes been a great help to me in the past thankyou for all you did for me xxx

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