Courage over comfort – TS039

This week's podcast guest is Dr Tara Shine. She is an environmental scientist tackling climate change both on an international stage, and in her local community.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the climate crisis, and wondered what impact you, as an individual could possibly have on it, this episode is for you.

Our conversationĀ Podcast guest Tara Shinefocuses on how we can all live more lightly on the planet. This includes what we can do about plastic pollution, how we can live more sustainably, and what we as individuals, consumers, voters and citizens can do to effect change in others.

We also touch upon Tara's gender aware approach to tackling climate change - recognising that women are differently and disproportionately affected. Tara talks about her involvement with an expedition to Antarctica with Homeward Bound, and how she encouraged around 50 of the 90 women who were also on the expedition, to take a plunge with her into the water to draw attention to the issues and to promote the charity Teach a Girl to Swim.

It is inspiring stuff. Oh, and we also talk about wild swimming!

Read Tara's blog about the Homeward Bound expedition here

Things we talk about

Homeward Bound, Ocean Positive, Teach a Girl to Swim, Change by Degrees, Sandycove Island, Plastic Free Kinsale


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