Diversity in Governance

Helping you bring more diversity to your Board and management team. Making your organisation more user led. Providing training, development and challenge to your Board and CEO. Supporting Trustee/Director and CEO recruitment.

Co Production

A key way of making sure you are really listening to your users, clients or customers is to embrace co production as your main way of working. Valuing everybody's knowledge, skills and expertise, and working together right from the start, to find the right solutions.

Grow the Organisation

Draw on our experience to review your organisation and help you to grow. Whether your policies no longer serve you well, funding applications need a boost, you need evidence of impact or specific training, the creative chilli can help

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Our values show in our approach

We bring creativity and passion to everything we do. We work with organisations to imagine future possibilities. We bring energy and imagination, and the support you need to grow and change. We know this involves risk and being brave. But we love a challenge and adventure, and we care enough to walk alongside you to help you succeed.

We all need more cash and to prove we are making a difference

Drawing on success in securing large and small charitable grants, and winning local, regional and national contracts, we can help diversify and grow your income streams.

But to be good at this, you need evidence that you are making a difference. Let us evaluate your projects and give you the data that will give you the edge

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Thinking about it?

Interested but not sure it will be good value for money for your organisation? Drop us a line and we can tell you about our daily rates and packages to suit all budgets.