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Julie swimmingAfter talking to Julie for this week’s podcast I’ve been thinking about who and what inspires us and where our ideas come from. What captures our imagination and makes us ask, could I do that?
Julie asks this again and again. And it is taking her on an incredible adventure that she hopes will lead to swimming an ice mile in Antarctica.
Taking inspiration and guidance from Wim Hof and Dmitry Tamoikin, she is on a self taught voyage of self discovery, testing herself with each new challenge she sets.
Having her friend Susan for company, confidence, camaraderie and cake, feels essential. How much easier is it to believe we can do something if we have someone alongside us to believe in us, and to take each step with us along the way. To push us when we almost do not dare to move forward. To celebrate each success.
Julie is this week's podcast guestWhere we are headed and how we get there will be different for all of us.
But there will be some things our adventures all have in common. There will be the moment we commit – to choose to attempt the things we have been thinking of for a while. At that moment, we have to dream that it will be possible. That with enough work and preparation, the goal will be within our reach. We then have to edge towards it, facing down fears, overcoming obstacles, putting the work in.
We will ultimately attempt whatever it is we have set ourselves to do. Enjoy the victory of success or work through the reasons why we fell short on this occasion.
But I think it is in the journey towards that, that most learning occurs. Each tiny victory that, one built upon another, come together and create a state of readiness within us.
I’m trying to be more mindful of those small achievements. To acknowledge them, and the effort they took. To bask, if only for a second, in that small glory. It feels really kind. As the challenges we set ourselves get bigger, the risk can be that we lose the joy, as we set ourselves goals that feel so far beyond our current ability.
So dream big. But notice every successful step on the way to achieving those dreams.
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