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Our Story

the creative chilli is a home grown company.

Grown from the seed of an idea, which was that, despite the best intentions, third sector organisations can struggle to truly represent the communities they serve.

This can run right through an organisation, illustrated by a lack of representation at board, management, staff and volunteer level.

We know about user led organisations, real diversity and inclusion and co production. We wanted to share this to strengthen the sector.

What we do

We are a creative company that combines passion with experience. That gives us an eclectic range of interests and expertise. From diversity and inclusion in third sector governance to supporting the cultural sector with the creative case for diversity. And our ultimate wild card in the creative chilli portfolio - our podcast. That really is bringing your passion to work!

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For the Voluntary and Community Sector

Bring our skills and experience to grow your organisation. Developing your board, supporting senior recruitment, reviewing policies, evaluating projects and supporting your funding applications.

Chilli, red pepper flakes and chilli powder burst

Creative Case

Diversity in the Cultural Sector

Supporting Cultural organisations to give opportunities to everyone, everywhere. Recognising and removing all social barriers. Growing the next generation of leaders to enrich the arts for artists, audience and society.

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Making our passion and our work the same thing

A weekly podcast about all things wild swimming. From dipping to Channel swimming, whether in neoprene or skins. Breaking the ice through interviewing ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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