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Dean, this week's podcast guestMy conversation with Dean, this week’s guest, will probably be the first of several. Once you listen I hope you will understand why the interview stops when it does, and why he has so much more of his story still to tell.
I won’t spoil any of it by mentioning here any of the life changing events he talks about.
What I will say though, is that it is a story of healing.

It touches on the things we land upon when we need something to live for.
Dean swimming the Willamette riverIt explores what makes us feel alive and excited. Sometimes, these things, to the outside world, may appear to be the worst possible things we can pursue. Yet deep inside us, we know that this is the thing that might just save us.
It balances responsibility against fulfillment as a code to live by.
It also makes a really strong case for writing down the things that we think might make our hearts sing. Even if the possibility of doing them may seem like a distant fantasy. At some point, we may just be in need of a list of the things that help us to reconnect back to the real person inside.
Dean swimming toward Portland, OregonThis is a story about having the time of your life, while also going through the darkest times.
Of having the brutality of life washed off us each time we swim, and accepting the healing power of that.
It is wonderful and inspiring.
And this is just chapter 1.

Things we talk about
Willamette River, Blue Mind, Wim Hof, cold water immersion, masticating juicer, Willamette RiverKeepers, Newberg Pool, River Shannon swim, ecopsychology, forest bathing, St John’s Bridge

You can find Dean’s own website here

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    1. I totally agree. If you want to hear the next part of Dean’s story, look for the episode called Swim The River You Are In. It’s very cool.

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