What is the creative chilli?

the creative chilli is a family of interconnected ideas and exploration.

Looking at health, personal development and creativity as a lifelong process and finding the magic in unusual connections.

Exploring the impact of M.E., how this interacts with the peri-menopause, the power of cold water therapy and taking an intuitive and creative approach to finding a way through.

Come on the journey and find your own connections.

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the swimming chilli

I've been wild swimming since 2017 and I'm utterly obsessed. So much so, I started Swim Wild podcast in 2018 to talk to other people who were equally addicted. I recorded 80 episodes in 3 years, and brought the project to a close in July 2021. My guests included multi-channel swimmers and first time dippers. No matter who they were, every guest brought me much needed wisdom at just the right time.

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the menopausal chilli

As if M.E. wasn't challenging enough, along came the peri-menopause to complicate the picture. Trying to figure each out, separately and together, to keep me feeling well both mentally and physically. Looking at what helps and aiming to avoid older female invisibility.

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the intuitive chilli

I'm on a quest to develop my intuition, to learn to recognise guidance from the universe and to build the trust to follow it. Through learning how to use a fabulous, intersectional tarot deck, and to tune in to the changing energy as the seasons pass by paying attention to the Wheel of the Year festivals.

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the artistic chilli

Using art making as a way of making sense of everything. Making a mark. Exploring representation. Taking up space. Having a voice.

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the exhausted chilli

Figuring out how to work in harmony with my erratic energy levels caused by having M.E. Learning to live with a hidden disability, and to think about that identity as it applies to me. Working with the changing energies of the seasons to see if that helps, and throwing in a bit of cold water therapy because it makes me feel more alive than at any other time.

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the chilly chilli

The pinnacle of my wild swimming obsession is cold water. Really, really cold water. The colder the better. Breaking the ice to get in is the holy grail of winter swimming. The North Sea, while getting down to 5 degrees C or so in February just doesn't cut it. So I've dreamed up alternative ways of getting that daily buzz.

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